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Current Music:The Streets - Dry Your Eyes
Time:06:44 pm
I always look forward to getting back to Truck Fest. It represents all that I left behind when I went to university.
It's a chance to catch up to old friends and see lots of people that I havn't seen in a while.

This summer I couldn't get a ticket. I considered working at the festival, just for a chance to catch up with everyone but I realised that I can't be bothered. The appeal is completely absent.

Everyone else has moved on in different directions. If I saw them all, we would have nothing in common anymore. I have a past here but I don't have any roots here.

The new song by the Streets summons in me the feeling I get at the end of the festival; that 'back to the 9-5' feeling that I seem to feel whenever I am in my hometown.
I'm wittering on a lot about a festival that I claim not to care about. This is because it is symbolic of my attitudes towards my hometown. Part of me sees no reason to come back here. There's nothing here for me anymore. It's just an empty place. The part of me that wants to keep comming back is longing for the past rather than the places that I spent it in.
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Time:10:27 am
nqan is dead.
joodas lives on.
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Current Music:The Eels - Guest List
Time:11:14 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
Just went out for a jog around city centre.
It's an almost spiritual experience walking sober and alone through oxford road at night. I became more aware of the people around me, their relantionships, their histories and their lives.

I walk past a man lying in a door way. He doesn't even look up at the group of semi-drunk students walking past him. He knows that he is completely invisable to them. They don't want to lower the tone of their night out by considering that when they are safe in their beds, nursing their hangovers, there will be people waking up on the cold concrete of the doorways which are their only home. Each of the students is wearing a shirt worth more than the homeless guy owns.

Everyone is getting wasted tonight. Some just for fun, some to anaethatise themselves against reality.

I see a 15 yr old girl getting thrown out of Rockworld and wondering where to go for a drink.

More students walk past a blanket laid out on the steps of a church. The juxtaposition of people thinking of nothing more than having a fun night out and people trying not to freeze to death is less than tastefull.

It's times like this that I'm more aware that there is no good and evil, nor any black and white. There are merely a bunch of people each trying to live their lives. It all averages out to a metaphisical grey colour. All I can do is try to be a slightly lighter shade of grey than the average. When I see the world like this, I'm more aware that people are best defined by their relationships with others.

A person can be deemed succesful if lots of people respect them or lots of people consider them a friend. I'm aware now that most of my friends are fading into aquantances. I'm becoming a background figure.

All this time, no-one looks at me. I talk to no-one and no-one talks to me. As I'm formulating this musing in my mind, a man interupts my thoughts.
"Hi, do you want something to drink? Here's an unopened can of Budweiser."
"I'm keith, nice to meet you."
A thirty-something year old man offers his hand, his girlfriend is bemused by his random act of generosity, as am I.
"I'm Joe. Nice to meet you."
"Wont ever meet you again, bye"
"Thanks for the beer".

On inspection, the can is unopened and still airtight. It was a completely random act of generosity, perhaps karmic retrebution for some act of kindness I'd forgotten doing.

It's a funny old world, or so I thought as I sipped my can of generosity-beer and walked back home.
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Time:04:55 pm
Hmm. Here is a puzzler. The manchester PK collective are meeting on sunday. So are UNITE.

UNITE is the moral highground option.
PK will get me fitter, get me meeting the collective and build my mad skills.

I could always give some time to UNITE at the next rally, in stockport next weekend. I suppose.
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Time:09:54 am
This sunday, I'm going to be handing out leaflets in Oldham. The leaflets are encouraging people to vote to avoid the BNP gaining power.

The BNP are targetting areas with a low voter turnout as this enables them to rapidly gain seats in parliament. Although there is no chance of them gaining controll of national government, there is a very real chance that they will be defining the Bylaws in certain areas. This is not allowable as they are blatantly racist.

UNITE is the organisation which opposes the BNP by reminding people to make use of their right to vote.

Do not forget to vote for a reasonable political party. A vote for the BNP is a vote for NAZI Britain.

Anyone can get involved in politics, you just need some good walking shoes and a megaphone.
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Time:09:58 pm
"To eat, or not to eat: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous hunger,
Or to make toast against a sea of stomach aches,
And by opposing end them? To be sick: to vomit;"
-Jones-Jennings, Joe and Shakespear, Bill (2004)

Hmm. Does my stomach hurt because it is too full, to empty, or just pissed off.
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Time:09:13 pm
Current Mood:coldcold
Note to self, and all others.
Do not drink when you have a cold.
"Don't think I'll go out tonight" didn't last very long.
Six pints of cider and a shot of whisky killed me. I feel like death (not in the "I feel like a fool" way, in the "I feel like a cup of tea" way).

The weakened immune system did not take lightly to being pickled in cider. The drink itself is not the problem. The hangover is bitter, painful and cold, like a frozen lemon-knife.

I threw up so violently that I almost jarred my spine, was trembling to the point that I could barely move. Fortunately I don't have a rash which doesn't disapear when pressed by a glass, otherwise I'd be really worried.
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Time:06:08 pm
Argh. I cant move my knees and elbow (In singular not because I've lost an arm, but because one of them is thankfully still mobile).

And I've got a cold.

And the minor cuts on my hand are stinging.

Don't think I'll go out tonight.
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Subject:FreeRunning in Manchester
Time:01:07 am
Twitch and I just went running round the castlefeild area, round the docks and locks.

We practiced vaults. I started off with a two-hand vault, then a one-hand, then a hurdle. Also I tried to do a monkey a couple of times.

Then we went to some paralel walls to try positioning. This is jumping from one wall and landing on the other, with your feet together.

Then we free-ran through the docks. At this point I pushed the envelope too far. I did a good floor-to-rail onto the back of a park bench, I ran ninja-style along the bench, jumped, touch-and-goed off a bin then landed on the back of another bench.
The landing was perfectly on target but the back of the bench was rotten and slippy. My foot went left, my boddy went right.
I went 'splat' and earnt myself an elbow and shoulder full of road rash.

Then we went to the sainsburys car park and did more rail-to-rail. I managed 3 position jumps, a rail-180-hop and three more postion jumps in one sequence. Then I tried to stall on an outcrop on a wall and earnt myself a hand full of roadrash and a second helping on my elbow. I eventually managed a wallrun round an internal corner, with a 180 just before the landing.

All in all I managed to nail a few tricks without losing too much blood or breaking any bones. What more can a dood hope for in a day out?
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Time:09:31 am
Yay! The new router/modem combo is working!
Time to see if it games any faster methinks...
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